How to Get Cash for Giftcards

Tell me if this has happened to you: You thought you wanted a Walmart Gift Card so you cashed out your points on Swagbucks (or another earning site like it) but then there was something you’d rather get from Amazon. Luckily you’re not stuck with that Gift Card. You can trade it for something else or even exchange it for money. Here’s how:


Giftcard Zen – Send them your gift card and as soon as they receive it, they send you a check. They do take a small fee to exchange them for cash but it’s kind of a small price to pay to turn a gift card into real money. Different gift cards pay out differently, so you’ll have to see what yours is worth. For example a $5 Walmart gift card will get you a pay out of $4.51.

Cardpool – This site lets you exchange gift cards for cash or Amazon gift cards. The pay out is slightly higher if they mail you a gift card, but you could choose to get a code instantly. The payouts are decent, but they only con is that they only take gift cards of $25 or higher.

Raise – Raise lets you post gift cards for sale and actually lets you choose your selling price. So if you don’t mind losing a few bucks to get a card sold faster you can go that route. You can choose to get paid by check, Paypal or direct deposit. Raise doesn’t have a minimum balance, so you’re free to sell $5 cards here.

Save Ya – This site also has a minimum, but it’s a little lower than Cardpool at $20. It’s actually not a bad place to buy gift cards either, depending on the store.

Junk Card – They issue payments pretty quickly (within 48 hours) so that’s definitely a plus. They do have a $20 minimum, so keep that in mind.

Of course you can always try ebay or Craigslist as well, but depending on how much your gift card is worth those might prove to be more of a hassle than they are worth. Anyway, good luck to you getting cash for your gift cards! 🙂

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